Sometimes it’s necessary to remove coyotes from an urban or rural area because the animal is causing real problems. But sometimes people just have a fear of coyotes, as if they’re dangerous predators, like wolves can be. The truth is that coyotes will rarely attack pets, and never people. Still, they can cause some problems. They do prey on people’s chicken coops, or even other small livestock, like sheep.

Some people do fear for their pets. Coyotes have become common urban or suburb animals in many areas, and can dig through garbage, eat pet food, dig in the yard, and potentially live under a house or shed or porch, and spread fleas.

Coyotes are animals that can survive under most any circumstances and they will eat just about anything that is available on the menu. Even though there have been lethal measures taken to somewhat control the population of these animals, they seem to respond by immigrating, reproducing and growing thicker in numbers.

While it’s not at all possible to rid them from the human space completely, there are measures you can take to keep them from returning on your property.

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