Commercial Wildlife Control

We offer professional wildlife control services for commercial accounts. We take great care in providing fast and professional service, while also providing all necessary paperwork, proof of licensing, liability insurance and all other applicable documentation necessary to perform commercial account work. We operate at several commercial buildings, including the following:

Apartment Complexes

We cater to many apartment complexes in the Central Texas area. If one unit has wildlife problems, it’s a good bet that many of the units, which have a similar architecture and are of course in the proximity of the offending wildlife, will have problems as well. We will meet with the tenants, and work just as we would with any homeowner to ensure that they are satisfied and keep in close contact with the apartment management,.


We often service condominiums with wildlife problems. The condo owner has a problem such as bats or rats in the attic, and the condo association usually covers the cost of wildlife removal, as it falls under maintenance work, on the outside of the buildings.

Retail Stores

Retail stores, hotels, gas stations, you name it, we’ve removed wildlife from it. We always keep public relations and customer safety in mind on such jobs.

Manufacturing Facilities

Warehouses, car dealerships, etc…we’ve done bat and bird and rat work for many such facilities.